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Welcome to Dearborn Park


Friends of Dearborn Park began 10 years ago.  When Friends of Dearborn Park started our main objective was just to get the green space cleared to a point where you could actually walk in the area. This involved working with DeKalb County Parks and Recreation, DeKalb County Commission and City of Decatur officials, Park Pride, Trees Atlanta and numerous neighborhood volunteers from Midway Woods, Dearborn Park, Winona Park and Oakhurst.  

Friends of Dearborn Park (FDOP) is a Park Pride affiliated group through DeKalb County.  Park Pride assists communities in DeKalb and City of Atlanta enhance parks and greenspace through advocacy, volunteerism and capital improvements.

Volunteers are needed because DeKalb County Parks & Rec.  doesn’t have enough money in the budget to maintain our parks.


Promote Dearborn Park as an ecologically, well-maintained and environmentally friendly park.

Protect the wildlife that is in the park including Blue Herons, snapping turtles, several types of Owls, amphibians, fish and even Coyotes and other assorted wildlife.

Social Media 

Facebook: Friends of Dearborn Park




Achievements of Friends of Dearborn Park


  • Removed over 3 acres of invasive species and trash and created the path that is now known as Dearborn Park Trail
  • Secured 3 benches installed throughout the park
  • Secured a matching grant in 2012 from Park Pride to replace the playground equipment that is currently installed including the exercise equipment.
  • Painted the gazebo seating and all of the benches and railing in the park. Sponsored by HausZwei Homes with King of Pops give-a-ways.
  • Over 100 hours of volunteer hours
  • Clean park signage
  • Planted over 35 native Azaleas in the front of the park near the stone signage on Deerwood

Future of Friends of Dearborn Park

Make an impact statement by maintaining the vegetation in the front of the park along Deerwood Drive and continue planting native species plants along sidewalk from bridge to basketball court. We need volunteers for our bi annual cleanup. Please contact us at: or Friends of Dearborn Park Facebook Page

Mission Statement

Friends of Dearborn Park is committed to preserving and improving Dearborn Park for all residents located in Midway Woods and surrounding area.

Friends of Dearborn Park values tie into the core values of Park Pride. Park Pride “helps communities enhance parks and greenspace through advocacy, volunteerism and capital improvements. We strive to help every community achieve their vision of a great park.”

Park Pride’s  Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Philosophy is shown below. To find our more about Park Pride Friends of the Park and how you can volunteer in your own park Click here

Mission Statement:
To engage the community to activate the power of parks.

Vision Statement:
A nationally recognized network of locally inspired parks, greenspaces and trails that engages individuals, strengthens communities and transforms Atlanta.

The Power of Parks — Great parks have the power to increase our quality of life and strengthen the fabric of our cities. They are places for members of the community to gather, play, relax, and lose themselves in nature, encouraging mental and physical health. Great parks promote community engagement, safety, and revitalization. They spur economic development and benefit tourism. Great parks make our citizens happy, our communities strong, and our cities sustainable

Friends of Dearborn Park Facebook Page

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