Parents, children, students, runners, walkers, people out for a stroll and more came out to support The Big Walk on South Candler Street on Wednesday, Jan. 13.

Georgia Department of Transportation officials and local community members were on hand at the intersections of South Candler and Kirk Road and East Dougherty Street and East Pharr Road to get counts of people crossing the busy street. The event started bright and early at 7 a.m. and lasted until 9 a.m. GDOT officials counted 48 people crossing S. Candler at Kirk Road in the first 45 minutes of the event. A local resident was keeping tally at E. Dougherty Street with 93 people crossing in the first hour. The event was organized to show that there is demand for more safe crossing options in this area.

See the article in Decaturish: Link to article in Decaturish

Friends of Dearborn Park. It was formed in 2007. Over the course of 5 years, 2008-2012, our main objective was just to get the green space cleared to a point where you could actually walk in the area. This involved working with County and City officials, Park Pride, volunteers and various other stakeholders. Once a year our project was of clearing invasive species, cutting down and pulling up ivy and clearing out trash including old tires, etc. This was a huge undertaking and allowed the City to be able to build the path that we have now. Over the years people such as myself have even developed unofficial dirt paths on both sides of the creek. In addition, Friends of Dearborn Park was able to procure a matching grant so that we could replace the playground equipment with what you now see. Over the years we have planted trees and continue to clear the paths of invasive species and perform general clean up.

Friends of Dearborn Park would like to create exciting opportunities to work together as a community, to create a vision together and increase connectivity. Parks, greenspaces and trails create opportunities to bridge gaps and barriers within and betweenindividuals, neighborhoods and business districts.

Dearborn Park should function as part of a system that supports healthy people, strong neighborhoods, vibrant business districts, a robust economy and a healthy environment using a systematic approach.

Collaborations: DeKalb County Parks & Rec and Decatur, Georgia, nonprofit, business, philanthropic and community partners are central to our success and help us achieve a greater impact.

Respect: Each individual has intrinsic value that deserves recognition and respect. We demonstrate respect through active listening, passion with politeness and openness to multiple perspectives.

Inclusivity: People of all ages and backgrounds have important voices that should be heard. Parks are for everyone.

Friends of Dearborn Park is committed to preserving and improving Dearborn Park for residents located in Midway Woods and surrounding areas. Dearborn Park is located at:
1301 Deerwood Dr., Decatur Midway Woods Neighborhood Association
It includes 7 Acres, Basketball court, multi-use court, playground and picnic areas.
We are working to make to improve, but not develop this park. Midway Woods neighbors have decided that they do not want the Disneyfication of this park and would like to keep as much of it as a passive area as possible. DeKalb County announced in June 2013 that they would be installing benches throughout the park.
This will be a nice addition as the park.

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