Kappa Sigma’s Alpha Chapter at Emory University Service Day at Dearborn Park

Thanks to the members of Kappa Sigma Alpha for having their service day in Dearborn Park and helping forge a new path. They helped Friends of Dearborn Park begin a path from Dearborn Park Trail to Catherine St/Oldfield Rd. Hopefully, they had so much fun that they’ll be back next semester. The Friends of Dearborn Park would like to wish them much success on their upcoming finals and hope they have a safe and happy summer break.

Dearborn Park is located at 1301 Deerwood Drive in Decatur, GA. Dearborn Park, located on the western side of Midway Woods, has 7 acres of green-space with a new boardwalk and gravel trail, basketball court, picnic pavilions, running streams, and a newly installed playground. Dearborn Park is undergoing a dramatic revitalization with the help of Friends of Dearborn Park. Please join us to make this an even great park.


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