Dear Dearborn Park Community neighbors in Decatur on W. Dearborn Circle, Candler Street, and Park Drive, though the sentiment may be good surely environmentalists would know 100 nails isn’t good for a tree. Please don’t do this!!!! #park #trees talk to Trees Atlanta.


The tags on the trees in Dearborn Park Trail were stolen from an area where someone was doing research and land surveys in a nearby area that unfortunately may be developed. Surveyors will use them on the landscape to identify each tree over a minimum diameter at breast height (dbh) and use the corresponding number on the parcel land survey plan. Researchers can use for a myriad of reasons – tree longevity studies, marking trees within a plant survey area to evaluate recruitment, etc. The person/people that did this did not do this tree any favors. Each of those wounds can be a conduit for insects, fungus, moisture, disease.

This is a reminder that if you want to protest the possible development in the park please, please, please do not do as much damage as you’re protesting.