Dear Neighbors,

Our effort to preserve Dearborn Forest has entered a new phase. Our strong showing at last month’s meeting of the Zoning Board Of Appeals sent a clear signal to Mr. Hightower and to the city: there is overwhelming support for preserving Dearborn Forest as a park. Partly as a result of our cohesive actions, the city has declared that it will vote on trying to acquire the property by eminent domain. By invoking eminent domain, the city is hoping to legally require Mr. Hightower to sell his property to the city at fair market value so that it can recognize the land as a permanent park.

The city’s five commissioners will vote on whether to undertake this action at their next meeting, on Monday, 6 November. We are planning to appear at the meeting to declare our support for the city’s proposal. The city commissioners will appreciate our support, especially since a recent Georgia Supreme Court ruling has denied another Georgia city’s attempt to use eminent domain to purchase land for a park.

Please mark your calendars:

What: Decatur City Commission Meeting 

When: Monday, November 6, at 7:30 PM

Where: Decatur City Hall (next to Eddie’s Attic)

Just as last time, not everyone will get a chance to speak, so many neighbors are planning to wear green to show support for the park.

If you aren’t able to attend, you can write emails to the city commissioners, whose names and addresses are here: government/city-commission