Hammocks in Dearborn Park on a cool afternoon sounds like fun, however, we have a report of City of Decatur High School and Renfroe Middle School students hanging hammocks in the pavilion. First, this is definitely not safe as that pavilion is 20+ years old and the only updates have been paint on the poles, so it’s a very dangerous activity.

Secondly, it’s against park rules to hang anything in the park without DeKalb County Parks & Rec permission. The ground is cement so if one the beams the kids have been hanging their hammocks on breaks it could be a really bad situation.

Obviously, we want everyone to enjoy Dearborn Park, however, at the same time safety rules should be followed.

Friends of Dearborn Park is committed to preserving and improving Dearborn Park for all residents located in Midway Woods,  City of Decatur and surrounding areas.

Friends of Dearborn Park values tie into the core values of Park Pride. Park Pride “helps communities enhance parks and greenspace through advocacy, volunteerism and capital improvements.

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