Dearborn Park Trail is a 1.1 mile trail located in Decatur, Georgia that features Shoal Creek and is good for some skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and enjoying nature. Dogs are also able to use this trail as well.

From Oldfield there is only one entrance and it is at a step decline. See the photo below. Please note it is not marked and is overgrown. There was group from Midway Woods Neighborhood Association that once kept this area clear, but when the former President Michael Hughes, left we couldn’t find another volunteer group to maintain it.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity this is a great location.

Where to Enter DeKalb County Property as the entrance to Dearborn Park Trail

As you walk down the embankment you’ll see some very large rocks. Please wear hiking boats as you’ll most likely get somewhat damp crossing here and because most of the rocks are covered in moss it is definitely slippery.

Where to cross Shoal Creek

Please note that further East there is an entrance that is private property so do not enter from that area near the bridge that is located behind the old Blue Sky Condos that are rumored to become a new subdivision of 99 homes. In addition, the private owner has not clearly delineated the area beyond the long cleared path (Atlanta Gas easement). If you look closely there is an old weathered No Trespassing sign, high up in a tree that is difficult, if not impossible to see. Just remember if walk to the right you should be okay. You’ll look for a fence. A bit of history. That is an old baseball field.

Dearborn Park Trail Where and Where Not to Enter. DeKalb County Parks & Rec. Friends of Dearborn Park
Area not to Enter. It is not clearly marked as of 8/9/2021

Below are Maps pulled from the GIS maps of DeKalb County of the area

Dearborn Park Trail Overview
DeKalb County Property
Private Property vs. DeKalb County Property
Private Property: Please Do Not Enter

We hope this overview will give you a general idea of the area in question. DeKalb County Parks & Rec has no for new projects. Talk to your DeKalb County Commissioner about getting another Parks referendum so we can add more park space and green space and protect our creeks & stream.

Dearborn Park Trail is home to Blue Heron, Barred Owls, Coyotes, many species of Amphibians including Snapping Turtle and Frogs. When you do visit please make sure you do not litter and please pick up after your dog and DO NOT leave your dog poop bags in the park. There are trash cans at Chevelle, W. Dearborn Circle and inside the Park.


School of Fish in Shoal Creek

Let’s Play Ball! Dearborn Park Basketball Court is Open!

Pedestrian Only Path in Dearborn Park