City of Decatur trail through Kirk Rd and McKinnon Dr in their November 15, 2016 City Council meeting. This was part of the approval of the changes to the charter of the Clarke Hill development on Midway Road, Decatur, Ga 30030.

In 2006, the City of Decatur required the developer to donate $5,000 to Dearborn Park, though it was mislabeled as Midway Woods Park. The city claims that in lieu of the donation that a portion of the property was donated to the City for a proposed trail.

After, Friends of Dearborn Park made an inquiry the city quickly drafted this new proposal of the land has now been officially donated.  Is Path Foundation Environmentally Friendly is a question the City of Decatur will need to answer at some point and a more detailed proposal should be shown to the citizens of that area including those now in unincorporated DeKalb that live on McKinnon Dr.