Root bridging is preserving existing trees and their root system when increasing the soil grade or paving for parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, streets and hopefully paths through Dearborn Park that will be built by Path Foundation and City of Decatur and possibly DeKalb County Parks and Recreation. To see a presentation on how Tanya Creek Park managed to fulfill their promise to their neighbors see the video shown below.
Tanya Creek Park video on root bridging


The Georgia Urban Forest Council presented the video shown above.  Arborguard was a major sponsor thanks to their President, Spence Rosenfeld.  We are hoping that we can persuade Path Foundation to use this technique in Dearborn Park

Stalite is a good product to use in these situations. Stalite PermaTill graded aggregates are installed over existing root systems for tree preservation where parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, streets, or patios are constructed. It allows designers to acheive new design grades and preserve existing trees as part of that design. Stalite has high compressive strength for stability, yet is half the weight of typical stone. The angular aggregates are 50 % porous, 6% moisture retentive and provide consistent drainage, aeration for the tree roots.