Dearborn Park Trail Mapped

DeKalb County Parks and Recreation Marvin Billups, interim director
(404) 371-4925

Planning and Natural Resource Management

DeKalb County Parks and Recreation Revonda Cosby, Greenspace Environmental Manager
(404) 371-4925

We’re so excited! Today Dekalb County Park and Recreation interim director, Marvin Billups, and Dekalb County Planning Natural Resource Management department’s Greenspace Environmental Manager Revonda Cosby  called us today. Both having been in the department for two decades weren’t familiar with this part of the park system and so we were more than excited to show them this potential site for an expansion of the Dearborn Park Trail.

Is Path Foundation Environmentally Friendly

It appears they were just as concerned as we are about the Path Foundation and City of Decatur’s plans that didn’t include an environmental study. Of equal concern was the protection of the wildlife including the Blue Herons, Barred Owls, snapping Turtles and even the coyotes that live in Dearborn Park. They were both horrified that they hadn’t been notified and promised to look into as soon as possible. Their past record indicates that we will hear from them soon.

We look forward to continue working with them and Park Pride to make Dearborn Park a great place for both City of Decatur and unincorporated DeKalb County residents.

Shown below is the map that shows the portions that are DeKalb County and that which is City of Decatur. Parcel 114 is DeKalb County. The body of water shown is Shoal Creek. Parcels 103-148 are City of Decatur. Path Foundation map includes both areas. Patrick Court is unincorporated DeKalb with an Atlanta address.


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