3/13: This event has been postponed. The Midway Woods Association’s Environment & Infrastructure Committee is sponsoring beautification project on Midway Woods this coming weekend and is looking for your help!


This will be year 3 of their community effort to spruce up our streets and help with neighborhood safety and appearance. March is a great time of year to perform the cleanup, because the foliage is just beginning and we can see which trees and shrubs need to be cut back before things become unmanageable. The first year, they focused on cleaning street signs throughout the neighborhood. Last year, they worked to reclaim the road/pavement on the sharp corner of Midway Rd across from Dearborn Park which had become very narrow due to the encroaching vines and soil. Both projects were a success and have contributed to safer roads for cars and pedestrians.

This year they are seeking around 15 or more volunteers to spend 2 to 3 hours on this annual Beautification Project for Midway Woods. Midway Woods Associations’s Environment & Infrastructure Commies has decided to do a group project that focuses on cleaning up the Midway Woods Road “sidewalk” from the point of Dearborn Park all the way to Columbia Road. There are sections that need shrubs and trees to be trimmed back as well as digging and scraping ground growth that is encroaching on the sidewalk. This is a chance to get some exercise, take pride in your accomplishments and socialize with neighbors for a few hours on a weekend.


As an added incentive, Midway Woods Association will provide beverages (water/soda/beer) and pizza at 12:00 back at the park when we are done.

Please bring your shovels, hoes, gloves, tree clippers, weed whackers, etc.

We will provide brown bags for the refuse.

Proposed Date of the Project: Saturday, March 14, with a rain date of Sunday March 15.

Meetup Location: Dearborn Park at 9:00 a.m.

Please RSVP so we can get a good headcount for the project.

Sponsored by: the Midway Woods Association’s Environment & Infrastructure Committee


Friends of Dearborn Park will have a clean up Saturday, October 3 in the front of the park near the Dearborn Park signage. Stay tuned for more details.