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City of Decatur GA- Government paved the pervious path in Dearborn Park. Kevin Polite spoke with the pavers (not shown) and they said they will start on the part at W. Dearborn Circle. This is not good for the park or the environment. Neighbors on W. Dearborn Circle weren’t noticed and weren’t aware that this was occurring.


This is the reply I received from Decatur Mayor Pro Tem Tony Powers:

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 4:45 PM Tony Powers <Tony.Powers@decaturga.com> wrote:

Good afternoon Tonio. Thanks for reaching out to us with your concerns about Dearborn.Here’s what’s going on with respect to paving:

The Dearborn trail is constantly being eroded by stormwater. The soils and slatescape materials were being washed into the woods. In order to resolve this soil erosion problem, the trail is being paved from the dead-end of West Dearborn Circle south to the elevated boardwalk. This is approximately 370 feet. The remainder of the trail will remain covered in slatescape. There are other areas of the trail which are impacted by stormwater and we will continue to perform maintenance as necessary. This work is being performed by HEH as part of the citywide paving projects.

This is being done to stabilize erosion and prevent something worse happening in the future. Hope this answers concerns by you and the neighbors. Hope you and your family remain healthy and well.



Tony Powers

Mayor Pro-Tem

City of Decatur

thanks for the update, but Tony Powers did an engineer certify this? It doesn’t seem to to be a soil erosion problem, but a design problem. This was poorly designed to begin with. At least the pervious path was built to absorb some of the water. Now it will quickly glide down the asphalt into the woods creating water logged pockets for mosquitoes. In the photo shown they blocked up a drainage hole.